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Downloaded Illegally, code: 99131

You have been downloading illegally, now you shall pay the consequences! They found you!

Tracking Pornography Websites, code: 99139

You've been visiting too many Porn Websites! He's calling to let you know he's watching you!

Taxi, code: 99127

Remember the Taxi you ordered last night? No? Too bad! Now, you will have to pay for it!

Angry Woman, code: 99129

This angry woman is calling to complain about all the calls she's been getting from your phone number! Why do you call her so often?

Why is my food taking so long?, code: 99138

Someone is calling you about the food ordered at the Restaurant. Not from the Restaurant? Oh, he'll be mad!

Angry Neighbor, code: 99132

Having a party? Loud music? Friends over? You've been very noise, now you'll get a call from your very angry neighbor! Oh yeah, she's really mad!

Order from the Sex Shop, code: 99137

You ordered something from the Sex Shop and she'll call you to confirm about your order! This will be embarrassing...

Intimate photo session, code: 99109

Photography company calls to schedule sexy photo shoot. Haven't you've made the appointment?

Refrigerator, code: 99133

Calling about the Refrigerator you ordered. Oh, didn't you order one? Maybe some money under the table?

Looking for a Housemate, code: 99136

Know a friend who's been looking for a housemate? Maybe you can help with this really weird guy looking for a place to live!

School Trip - Little Girl, code: 99130

This little girl needs money for a school trip. Won't you help her? Oh, she'll be very upset then!

Male Escort, code: 99107

A male escort calls you to reply to the e-mail that you sent him. When would you like me to show up?

Extra tenant in your apartment, code: 99106

Your landlord calls you to complaining about that you have sex to loud. As punishment you will have an extra tenant living in your apartment.

Opera Theater, code: 99108

Opera theater calls to complain that you didn’t show up last night. You have to pay because you were a "no-show"!

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